DC Collectibles Comic-Con Photos!

The DC Collectibles Comic-Con photos feature a continuation of its successful Batman: The Animated Series and Batman: Arkham Knight lines.

DC Collectibles Comic-Con photos

The fine folks at DC Collectibles showcased a bevy of future releases at a press-only event ahead of preview night for the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Highlighting the action figure offerings in the below DC Collectibles Comic-Con photos is a continuation of its successful “Batman: The Animated Series” and Batman: Arkham Knight video game lines, as well as more artist-specific series under the DC Designer Series banner.

The Arkham Knight figures shown included the highly-anticipated Man-Bat and Professor Pyg and Azrael. The company’s television-related offerings featured new figures from “Arrow” and “The Flash,” including Arrow, Canary, Merlin, Reverse Flash and Heat Wave.

The new Designer Series waves bring the art of Darwyn Cooke and Lee Bermejo into action figure form. Cooke’s assortment consists of Batman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn and Adam Strange, while the Bermejo wave is made up of Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Lex Luthor.

On the statues front, DC Collectibles will add two new Bombshells to the existing line-up later this year in the forms of Cheetah and Killer Frost. There will also be new statues for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. Shown here were both Bats, Supes and an armored version of Batman.

The company had a big spread for “Batman: The Animated Series,” including upcoming figures like Commissioner Gordon, Zatanna and Ra’s al Ghul, as well as the massive, new “Batman: The Animated Series” Batmobile.

Just like last year, there was one table where photography wasn’t allowed, but we can fill you in what we saw as the major new release, which in this case is a 2016 assortment of “Batman: The Animated Series” figures. It will include Anti-Fire Suit Batman, Clayface with alternate head, Firefly and Daddy’s Little Monster herself, Harley Quinn.