DC Comics Reveals 8 New Series, Including Swamp Thing, Firestorm and More!

DC Comics (via USA Today) have announced eight new mini-series that will debut in early 2016 and will reintroduce some old fan-favorites back into the spotlight.

“By bringing them on to their own special limited series, we’re really spotlighting what’s so fantastic about these characters,” DC editor in chief and senior vice president for editorial, Bob Harras says.

The original creators of some of these characters will be returning to pen their latest adventures, including Len Wein on Swamp Thing & The Metal Men, Marv Wolfman on the Teen Titans hero Raven, Gerry Conway returning to Firestorm, and Mike W. Barr with Katana: Cult of the Kobra

New faces will also be bringing back familiar characters with writer Amy Chu penning Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death, which Harras says will put the super villain on “a really new direction,” plus Aaron Lopresti will write a brand new Metamorpho series. In addition, Keith Griffen will be bringing the Sheldon Mayer created “Sugar & Spike,” which has been dormant since 1971, with a “grownup spin” on the series.

“They’re not spoiled kids anymore,” Giffen says of the new direction. “They’re older and they’re operating as private investigators handling problems and mysteries that the superheroes can’t handle themselves.”

DC co-publisher Dan DiDio says the new comics are set to “freshen up and contemporize” the characters. “We want the best writers working on our characters, and these are the best writers for these characters,” he says.

Check out the preview art for some of the new books below!