James Mangold Says Third Wolverine Movie Will Shoot Early Next Year

Though everyone has theirs eyes firmly set on the upcoming Deadpool spin-off and X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016, a third Wolverine movie is still in development at 20th Century Fox and it set to arrive the following year. Details are slim on the upcoming sequel, but when asked on Twitter when production would begin on the film, James Mangold revealed they’re planning to shoot “early next year.”

Writer David James Kelly is currently penning the screenplay for the film, which according to Patrick Stewart could see Logan and Professor Xavier teaming up.

Despite Hugh Jackman’s previous doubts that he would play the character of Wolverine much longer, the actor recently revealed that he wants to continue playing the character until he dies.

Currently without an official title, Wolverine 3 is currently set for a release March 3, 2017 with Mangold set to direct once again.