The Full May 2015 Marvel Comics Solicitations with Cover Art

Arriving today straight from the House of Ideas are the full May 2015 Marvel Comics solicitations! In the gallery viewer below, you can check out all the artwork, plot synopses and talent information for more than 100 upcoming single issues and trade collections.

This May, Marvel’s massive “Secret Wars” crossover kicks into high gear with the first two issues of the primary “Secret Wars” miniseries and all sorts of connected tie-ins from all over the mighty Marvel multiverse!

Since Avengers: Age of Ultron will be hitting the big screen May 1, Marvel is already getting fans ready for their “Phase Two” capper, director Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man. In addition to a trade paperback collecting the first five issues of the diminutive Avenger’s new ongoing series and another collecting the recent “Marvel’s Ant-Man Prelude” (set in the MCU), May brings us a collection of important Scott Lang stories and “Natural Enemy,” an original prose novel following the thief turned superhero.

Additionally, May gives us the launch of “A-Force,” the recently-announced ongoing series that will follow an all-female Avengers team.

If you missed the Marvel Comics solicitations from last month, you can click here to find out what will be hitting the shelves this April and check back soon to find out what May 2015 is bringing from the Distinguished Competition.