George R.R. Martin Offers a Bloody Warning for Game of Thrones’ Fifth Season

The latest season of HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” will be arriving very shortly and “A Song of Ice and Fire” creator George R.R. Martin was present at last night’s Writers Guild West Awards where he offered a bloody, cryptic tease about the new slate of episodes.

“People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy,” Martin told Showbiz411. “So everybody better be on their toes. David and D.B. are even bloodier than I am.”

Martin also echoed an earlier story about the series’ ending, maintaining hat it’s still very flexible but they’re still not sure about an end point.

“This is the fifth season, the sixth season HBO picked up last year. We will have a 7th, 8th or 9th, no one knows. They only renew one or two seasons at a time. After we do season 6, maybe we’ll get a renewal for 7th and 8th. That all depends, Television is a very changeable medium…I have two more books, the one I’m writing right now, ‘The Winds Of Winter,’ and after that the last book, ‘The Dream of Spring,’ so those will be the two final books. But we’re talking 3000 pages of material. How many seasons that translates too? That’s up to D.B. And David.”

“Game of Thrones” will return for its fifth season on April 12. You can check out the trailer for it by clicking here.