Toy Fair: Cool New Stuff from DC Collectibles!

Let’s start with some of the newest action figures and statues being produced by DC Collectibles and those are the ones that tie into The CW’s new “The Flash” series, “Arrow” as well as Fox’s new “Gotham” series. All shows are proving to be very popular and DC Collectibles is rolling out action figures and statues throughout the year, including statues of Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon and the TV Flash, and action figures based on The Flash, Captain Cold, Arrow with Arsenal, Felicity and Diggle coming later this year.  

There are no DC movies coming out this year, but DC Collectibles still has lots of other lines that tie into the comic books, as well as toys based on “Batman: The Animated Series.” This year, they’re making new ventures with their first moving electronic vehicle of Batman’s Batmobile from the Animated Series (above left). They’re also releasing their first figure ever based on Roxy Rocket. 

They’re also continuing their figures based on the Arkham franchises, including both the video games and the “Arkham Origins” comic book, with a new “Arkham Knight” Batman and a special Arkham 5-pack of four Batman figures and their first ever Bruce Wayne. There’s also an “Arkham Origins” 3-pack of Shiva, the Electrocutioner and Dr. Harleen Quinzel planned for December 2015.

DCC is continuing their Blockbusters line with a fun sculpture of the Joker and Harley Quinn in a take on the VJ Day “Kiss” plus Catwoman, Batwoman and Lois Lane sculptures all based on Ant Lucia’s original designs. The Wonder Woman Art of War statues continue with new ones based on designs by animator Robert Valley and artist Jill Thompson (out in September and October, respectively.) They’re also continuing the Gotham City Garage series with a new statue of Harley Quinn on a motorcycle and Cover Girls is branching out into more obscure characters like Red Lantern Bleez, which will be out in October. 

You can check out pictures of all of the above in the gallery below, but we’ll add the caveat that our pictures don’t do justice to the amount of intricate detail DC Collectibles puts into all their statues and action figures. It’s always best if you check them out at your local comic shop or toy fair when they become available.