Most Craved: Everything We Know About Marvel’s Plans for Spider-Man!

Fans the world over received some truly exciting news earlier this week when it was revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have worked out a way to reboot the Spider-Man franchise in a way that will have the wall-crawler making appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films! Sony Pictures will be releasing their own Spider-Man solo film in 2017, but it’s sounding like he’ll appear in Captain America: Civil War first! What are Marvel’s plans for Spider-Man overall? Find out what we know in the player above.

This week’s hosts include the amazing William Bibbiani of CraveOnline, the spectacular Jenna Busch of Legion of Leia and our own sensational Silas Lesnick! Although there’s only a few firm details at this point, we’ve also got a lot of our own speculation about what might be in store for the hero and who we’d like to see get cast in the lead. Should the new Spider-Man be Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara, Ben Reilly or any of the other mighty Marvel monikers Spidey has gone by over the years? If you’re looking to watch three nerds get excited about a major comic book movie event, then face it, Tiger… You just hit the jackpot!

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