Irrfan Khan Talks Jurassic World, His Character Simon Masrani

We know a little bit about Irrfan Khan’s character in the upcoming Jurassic World thanks to the official viral sites that Universal debuted for the film. Khan’s Simon Masrani is the owner of Masrani Global, which purchased the infamous InGen shortly after the events of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, but what about him specifically as a character? Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Khan was asked about his character and described him as follows:

“I’m playing the park owner, a very flamboyant person….He’s trying to entertain the world with good intentions, but sometimes being flamboyant doesn’t mean having much wisdom.”

Sounds a lot like our old friend John Hammond. Khan went on to talk about what people can expect to be different about the sequel from the original.

“For sure it will have more vibe. It’s the Jurassic World of these times, with all the technical experimentation. It has now become a fully-bloomed dinosaur amusement park. Dinosaurs in this film will definitely be scary, but this is not a horror film, so it will be like a scary adventure.”

Khan is joined by Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Judy Greer, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus and Andy Buckley in the film, which debuts in theaters June 12, 2015. Jurassic World is a sci-fi terror adventure set 22 years after the horrific events of the original Jurassic Park.