Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Barely Beats Big Hero 6 on Friday

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Barely Beats Big Hero Six on FridayIn what was looking to be one of the biggest box office battles of the year and one of the strongest moviegoing weekends since the summer, Christopher Nolan’s outer space epic Interstellar from Paramount took on Walt Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6.

With Friday estimates being reported, we have a better idea that despite some (including’s Weekend Warrior) thinking the Nolan movie might win the weekend, it’s not that likely. 

Interstellar took in an estimated $17 million on Friday (which includes the $2.7 million in Thursday night screenings that were originally reported as Thursday box office) to Big Hero 6‘s $15.8 million (which does include $1.4 million in previews).

Traditionally, family films like the animated superhero flick do better on Saturday, which means that Big Hero 6 will probably have a nice Saturday bump that will likely put it ahead of Interstellar for the weekend.

Going by the Friday estimates, we can see Big Hero 6 winning the weekend with $55 million compared to Interstellar‘s $44 to $47 million, the latter also receiving a fair “B+” CinemaScore compared to the former’s solid “A.”

Check back tomorrow for‘s full box office report.