Adam McKay Eyes Marvel Studios Project as Director

Adam McKay, the writer/director behind films like Anchorman, Step Brothers and The Other Guys, has already set foot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coming aboard Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man to rewrite the script alongside star Paul Rudd. Now, in a conversation with CraveOnline, McKay reveals that there have been talks about him taking the director’s chair on an upcoming Marvel Studios project.

“[I] had such a great time working with them,” he says, “that we’re kicking around ideas. But yeah, maybe I would take on one of the characters. We haven’t locked in anything, but discussions are definitely going on.”

McKay is currently at work on at The Big Short, an adaptation of Michael Lewis’ acclaimed book about the housing and credit bubble of the 2000s. He also released a short film about the economy this week, “The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas.” You can watch it online here.

What character would you like to see Adam McKay take on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts in the comments below!