Warner Bros. Developing a Legion of Super-Heroes Film?

Warner Bros. is planning on expanding their DC Cinematic Universe in a big way in the coming years, as one could gather when they announced release dates for nine additional films from 2016 to 2020. We have an idea of what some of these films will be (Justice League, Shazam, Aquaman), but could they be planning one from out of left field?

Latino-Review brings word on a new rumor that WB is developing a feature film of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the 30th century superhero team. The site reports that the studio is taking the project out to writers to see what kind of pitch they can come up with for the film, and that they’re hoping this could be their answer to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (which just outgrossed Man of Steel at the domestic box office). Keep in mind, this one is strictly a rumor for the time being, but check back for any updates as we learn them.

First appearing in Adventure Comics #247 back in 1958, the Legion of Super-Heroes is a group of superpowered teens operating as a team in the far future. Some of their notable members include Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Earth Man, Chameleon Girl, and countless others.

The big question, should a “Legion” film get made, is how it will tie into the larger DCCU and in particular Man of Steel? Given Superman’s association with the team in the source material, could we see Henry Cavill popping up in the film in some form?