A New Photo Teases Mark Hamill’s Star Wars: Episode VII Look

There’s a number of caveats to a newly-released image of Mark Hamill standing outside a Star Wars: Episode VII sign at Pinewood Studios, but that shouldn’t deter fans from getting excited by what appears to be Hamill’s new Luke Skywalker look. Check it out below!

The photo was snapped by Hamill’s son, Nathan Hamill, and also features an appearance by “Lava Bear,” one of Nathan Hamill’s artistic creations (learn more at his official site).

It was first hinted that the elder Hamill would have a beard in the new film back in June, although the facial hair has certainly evolved since then into a look rather reminiscent of Sir Alec Guiness’ Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Bear in mind, the J.J. Abrams film has been on production hiatus due to Harrison Ford’s injury and there’s no hard proof that this is anything close to the final look we’ll be seeing on the big screen come December 18, 2015. Still, for fans who have been waiting decades for the return of Luke Skywalker, this particular image is bound to create some big smiles.