Comic-Con: Photos of DC Collectibles’ Upcoming Figures and Statues

DC Collectibles invited some of the Comic-Con press corps to a gathering just ahead of Preview Night to show off several new action figures and statues… some of which we were allowed to photograph, and some we were not. Of the items on the ‘No photography’ table, it was cool to see the new Artist Series line of figure continue via a Batman and Superman from Jae Lee. There was also more New 52 figures – including a John Stewart Green Lantern, Harley Quinn on roller skates and a new Joker.Prop wise, there was an early prototype of the Mother Box from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.There was also a new Harley Quinn statue.

Of the stuff we were allowed to shoot, the highlights included the “Batman: The Animated Series” figure line – including a non-painted prototype of Killer Croc and Baby Doll (who will be packed together), the Batman: Arkham Knight figures, an expanding figure assortment from the “Arrow” television show and the DC Bombshells statue range.

Check out the gallery below!