Spider-Man Producer Says Avengers Crossover is a Last Resort

Spider-Man Producer Says Avengers Crossover Is a Last Resort

It has long been a pipe dream for fans to see Spider-Man swing by the likes of Captain America and Iron Man in a future "Avengers" film, but the likelihood of such a thing happening is small while various studios hold the screen rights to Marvel's characters. Even though a brief Easter egg almost happened in Marvel's The Avengers, longtime Spider-Man producer Avi Arad says that a full-fledged crossover between the two franchises will only happen when they've run out of ideas.

"I think I'm probably a little bit of the militant here," Arad said in an interview with IGN. "I think it will take a moment in which we've run out of ideas. There's so much to tell about Spider-Man. There's so much to tell about the Sinister Six. The relationship between Spider-Man and Venom will bring a whole other world in."

It would certainly appear that they're far from running out of ideas for the franchise either as they already have release dates set for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4, in addition to plans for The Sinister Six and Venom. Maybe after we crack the 2020s we'll get to see the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man meet the Earth's mightiest heroes.

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