Dick Grayson Goes from Superhero to Superspy in New Comic Series

Following the reveals that Teen Titans and Suicide Squad would be relaunching as new comics this summer, DC Comics have now revealed (via USA Today) that Nightwing himself, Dick Grayson, will be trading in his superhero mask for a new life as superspy in a new series simply titled "Grayson."

Set to be written by Hack/Slash co-creator Tim Seeley and former CIA counterterrorism operations officer Tom King with art by Mikel Janin​, Grayson will take place in the aftermath of "Forever Evil," wherein much of the DC Universe believes that Grayson didn't survive the events of the Crime Syndacite's reign of terror.

"He's doing something that's going to cause pain to his friends and family, but he believes in the cause. That tension between having to do something good but having the cost of it being pain to his family, it drives him a little crazy," King said about the series.

Grayson will be working for the Grant Morrison-created spy agency Spyral in the events of the new series, but that doesn't mean he's free from a life without super villains as Seeley and King are aiming to give him his very own arch-nemesis. 

"He's always been a character who hasn't had a villain associated with him," King said. "We want to give him his Lex Luthor, his Joker."

Grayson #1 will debut July 2, will you be picking up the new series when it is released?