Mark Millar Launches Character Name Auction for Comic Series Starlight

Like he did for his previous comics Kick-Ass, Nemesis, Jupiter’s Legacy and The Secret Service, comic scribe Mark Millar has decided to let one lucky fan name a character in his latest comic series, Starlight. Described as an alien with a passion for Earth pop culture, you can bid on the auction for the character by clicking here. Check out the full press release on the auction below! 

Mark Millar and Goran Parlov are offering fans a chance to name a character in Starlight, their new book from Image Comics. Starlight launched last month and has been receiving rave reviews, already picked up by Fox to be fast-tracked as a big-budget picture with Simon Kinberg’s Genre Films producing. All proceeds from the auction will go to a children’s school fund Millar has established to take local children from the area in Scotland where he  grew up to the theatre. Previous auctions have helped raise funds for a special-needs mini-bus, buy computers for a local school and refurbish the library in the school Millar attended from age five to eleven. He now wants to extend the fund-raising to a second school, such has been the success of previous charity auctions.

Mark explained, “I grew up in Coatbridge and have great memories of the town and my days at school. I know there’s not a lot of money in local government right now and this auction will help enable both schools in my old neighbourhood to take the entire school to a pantomime at Christmas. This fund will cover tickets, transport and treats for the children – school trips were a big deal to me as a little kid and I’d love to get them up and running again, which hasn’t always been possible due to cuts in local government funding.”

Starlight is a six issue series from Millarworld (Wanted, Kick-Ass, Nemesis and The Secret Service) and issue 3 will debut the character featured below, the winning bidder having their name filled into the word balloon. Issue three goes off to press next week and is published in May, the character appearing in every issue for the rest of this storyline.

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