Grant Gustin and Arrow Writers Talk The Flash Spin-Off

Last night was Grant Gustin’s second episode of “Arrow” as DC comic favorite Barry Allen. At the conclusion of the episode, we saw the incident that not only gave Barry his powers (in the comics at least) but will also likely lead us into the proposed spin-off of “The Flash” some time next year. Speaking with CBR, Gustin talked about what he’s excited about doing in the upcoming pilot saying:

“I’m mostly looking forward to getting the pilot script and seeing how Barry’s going to handle this happening to him. He’s not just excited. It’s scary. That’s what I loved about the character in the audition process — it’s not just he loves superheroes, and he’s a fanboy, and all of a sudden he’s like, “I’m going to be one, I’m really stoked about it.” It’s kind of like, “This is terrifying. This is really happening to me.” I’m really excited to play more of that.”

The pilot is expected to go into production some time next year with a script from “Arrow” co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. Kreisberg and Johns also talked about the upcoming spin-off, noting the difference between the two shows.

“We’ll want to keep ‘Arrow’ as distinctive as possible and “Flash” as distinctive as possible,” Kreisberg said, “Part of the fun will be how those two things play out in both shows, if we get that opportunity.”
Johns added, “But there are story reasons that Flash feels different and that he’s taking on different things in his series.”
The new season of “Arrow” has introduced a number of classic DC characters into the mix, will “The Flash” take a similar route? Kreiseberg thinks it will, and will likely try and use more ‘fantastical characters.’
“In the same way that “Arrow” was conducive to bringing on characters like Deadshot and the Huntress and some of the more grounded people, hopefully with “The Flash” there’s a way to bring on some of the more fantastical characters, that will probably still go through the grounding lens with which we view everything. But we could tackle some of the bigger villains, and possibly heroes. There’s a hint of a major character in the pilot.”
“But it’s always important to remember — like with “Arrow,” everybody wants Batman to come on and whatnot, but Arrow has to be the coolest person on “Arrow.” The same thing with “The Flash” — Barry has to be the coolest person. If we’re lucky enough to get to do more past the pilot, it’ll really be about making sure that the audience loves The Flash, and Barry Allen, and Grant Gustin, as much as we do.”
“Arrow” pilot director David Nutter will helm the upcoming pilot for “The Flash.” What characters do you want to see show up in “The Flash?” Sound off below!
Here’s a new Grant Gustin interview video that The CW released today as well: