Magneto Getting His Own Comic Series Next March

The number of titles for All-New Marvel NOW! continues to grow as Marvel has revealed that Magneto is getting his very own comic series starting next March. Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Fearless Defenders) will script the series with artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Astonishing X-Men). What will the series be like though? Bunn revealed some details to USA Today, saying:

 “Magneto in this story is very much a detective, seeking out and investigating threats to mutants before cutting loose with all the fury of a supervillain — or superhero, depending on your point of view.”

“We can sympathize with him even though he has been responsible for terrible crimes against humanity. He walks such a fine line. He’s standing up for his people — the mutants. He refuses to let them suffer as he has seen others suffer. But he’s taken steps to protect mutants that can only be seen as evil. His ideals are often ‘good’ while his methods are not.”

Bunn also added that among many other characters that will appear in the series, Magneto’s relationship with his children, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, will play a role in the new series.

“It’s a lot of fun to guess how readers will perceive Magneto’s actions throughout these stories,” Bunn says. “Hopefully, sometimes readers will cheer for him. Sometimes they’ll hate him. And sometimes they’ll do both at the same time.”

Magneto #1 will hit store shelves in March 2014. Will you be picking it up?