David Fincher Back on Big Screen Version of Black Hole

A few years ago, it was announced that director David Fincher would be bringing Charles Burns’ comic series Black Hole to the big screen. Originally set up at MTV films with author Neil Gaiman and Rover Avary penning the screenplay, the film ended up like so many other Hollywood projects and never materialized.

Now, in a story from The Hollywood Reporter, comes the news that Fincher is back on the project and will be making the film under Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company. No official word on casting, script or a release date, but here’s the officialy description for the comic:

The setting is Seattle during the ’70’s. A sexual disease, the ‘bug,’ is spreading among teenagers. Those who get it develop bizarre mutations – sometimes subtle. Story follows two teens, Keith & Chris as they get the bug. Their dreams and hallucinations – made of deeply disturbing symbolism merging sexuality and sickness – are a key part of the tale! 

Check back here for any more information on the adaptation as we learn it. What do you think of the news? Sound off below!