Marvel Doubles Down, Releases Another Vague Teaser Image

YesterdayMarvel released a super vague teaser image for an upcoming comic book series that is set to be released in December. Yesterday’s image simply read “Is he…?” along with “Be vigilant.” Today the publisher has unveiled another teaser, this time reading “Are they…?” and “See something? Say something.”

Though it is still incredibly vague, we think it has something to do with Matt Fraction’s upcoming relaunch of The Inhumans which begins in the December event titled “Inhumanity.” During this event, the Terrigen Mists (which gave the Inhumans their powers) will be released into the world once again and will kickstart various powers within the ancestors of the original Inhumans. This certainly could lead to many people asking questions like “Is he an inhuman?” or “Are they Inhumans?”

Marvel promises the answer to the question will be revealed in two weeks time on September 18th. What do you think it is?