Michael Rooker Talks Guardians of the Galaxy

This morning, SuperHeroHype had the pleasure of speaking with actor Michael Rooker at Dragon Con and during our talk, he spoke about the upcoming Marvel Studios release, Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the film, Rooker plays the role of Yondu, a character that was a founding member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy with no relation to the incarnation seen in the film, and Rooker indicates changes have been made to the character for the film. He also talked about the potential future of the franchise and his thoughts on the script.

“When I first got the role of Yondu, [director James] Gunn was like, ‘Don’t read any of the comics!’ but It’s beautiful stuff. Whenever you do a film of comic book characters and stuff you don’t know how much you can show, you don’t know how much is going to be brought out. Nowadays movies are done and they already have two or three others planned out. So stuff you do in this one, you ask “Why aren’t we doing this?” and they say, “Well be patient!”

The first photos of Rooker as Yondu on the set of the film can be seen by clicking here.

Guardians of the Galaxy features an unlikely cast of characters who must team up in order to defeat a cosmic force of epic proportions. The August 1, 2014 release stars Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, Rooker, Ophelia Lovibond, Benicio Del Toro, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Djimon Honsou, Gregg Henry, Glenn Close and John C. Reilly.