Morgan Freeman Surprised by Ben Affleck as Batman

USA Today spoke with Morgan Freeman, who played Lucius Fox in Chris Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy,” and he was quite surprised by the announcement for a reason you may not expect.

“This is the first I am hearing of it,” said Freeman. “My first reactions are ‘Wow’ and ‘Good luck.’ After the trilogy, I thought that no one would try it again for a few years more to let this whole thing die down, because it’s still there. So I don’t know, I hope Ben does well.”

We know what you’re thinking too, but Freeman likely won’t reprise his role should Fox return in the upcoming film.

“If the new movie does have a Lucius Fox I don’t think it’s going to be me,” said Freeman. “It doesn’t seem to work to mix characters in the movies. If you are going to change the lead character, you’re probably going to change all the characters.”

The new film is being scripted by David S. Goyer from a story he co-created with director Zack Snyder. Man of Steel‘s Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Superman in the film along with co-stars Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. It is scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2015 with production expected to begin in February of 2014.

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