Comic-Con: Batman: Arkham Origins Panel Round Up

The big reveal in the Batman: Arkham Origins panel today at the San Diego Comic-Con was the addition of Copperhead to the cadre of assassins compelled by Black Mask’s $50 million bounty on the Batman. While a smaller character in the DC Universe, the team at WB Games Montreal – the designers behind the new game – wanted to push the envelope a bit with Copperhead and take the villain, a poison-loving contortionist, and make him a her! That’s right… “Arkham Origins’” Copperhead is a female. The team showed new footage from the game (see it yourself by clicking here!) which found Batman engaged in hand combat with a thug, while Copperhead slinked around in the shadows. When the time came to strike, Copperhead flung herself at Batman, wrapping herself around our hero and tossing him aside with a ferocious leg-whip. An acrobatic melee between the two ends when some of Copperhead’s venom hits its mark, leading a woozy Batman to ask, “What did you do to me?”

While Copperhead was a bit of news for gamers eager to learn more details about the autumn release, it wasn’t the only item revealed by the developers. Eric Holmes, creative director for WB Games Montreal, also showed off new skins that will be available for Batman in the game. These included one from the Classic 1960s TV series, Knightfall, Deathstroke – who will be a playable character in the challenges for those the preorder the game, Batman One Million – a very futuristic take on the hero based on Grant Morrison art, and Worst Nightmare – a savage, horrific look at Bats that was characterized as a ‘hardcore unlock,’ meaning that it only becomes available very late in the game. Holmes said more skins will be revealed via Twitter (@ericholmeslive) in the near future.
There was also was confirmation that there is no Robin in “Arkham Origins,” as the story is loosely based on a “Year Two” idea, where Batman is still maturing. According to Holmes, he is a less experienced crime fighter, but not incompetent. There, however, is a good chance that Batgirl could make an appearance. Holmes stopped short of a confirmation, but the hint was cast that she will be in there.
There was also more information regarding Deathstroke revealed. Holmes said that he is the assassin that always seems ‘a step ahead’ of the others trailing Batman. He also said that there are likely certain ‘easter eggs’ in the game meant for fans of the hitman. 
While nothing has been said about future Batman games from WB Montreal, the crowd roared with approval when asked if they would be interested in a game based on Batman Beyond. DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns would not comment on whether or not any other Batman game was in the works, but there are definitely more DC titles in the pipeline.
“I’m a huge gamer,” said Johns. “The stuff and the characters in these games they’re pushing is something new. The games are just getting bigger and bigger and better and better. The amount of DC games coming out is staggering… stuff we can’t talk about yet.”
Johns also added that he liked the new take on Copperhead so much that she will be added to the company’s comic pages soon.
Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on October 25.