Comic-Con: The Wolverine Composer Marco Beltrami to Appear on Superhero Music Panel

We’ve just received word that The Wolverine composer Marco Beltrami will be a part of a pretty unique panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. You can read the full press release on it below. Make sure to read to the end where the track listing for The Wolverine score has been released. You can pre-order your copy of the score by clicking here.

Academy ® Award nominated composer Marco Beltrami scores The Wolverine, based on the comic book by Frank Miller (300, Sin City) in theaters July 26, 2013. Directed by James Mangold and starring Hugh Jackman, the film sees Wolverine in modern-day Japan, facing an old nemesis, samurais and his own immortality. Beltrami will be featured in The Musical Anatomy of a Superhero: Bringing a Comic Book to Life panel at Comic Con at 10:30 am PST on July 18, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center discussing the intricacies of bringing a storied comic book character such as Wolverine to life. The Wolverine is the next installment in the highly successful X-Men series, which currently has a combined global box-office gross of almost two billion dollars. Beltrami, who was featured in Variety as the “Billion Dollar Composer,” is well-versed at helming music for some of the most successful box-office hits in Hollywood. The Wolverine original motion picture soundtrack will be available July 23, 2013 from Sony Records.

Marco Beltrami has worked with James Mangold on 3:10 to Yuma, creating a dark, guitar-based score, earning Beltrami his first Academy ® Award nomination. As a brooding anti-hero, Wolverine is a character that demands a dark, thematic score that highlights his loner, devil-may-care qualities. With a background in horror and action-based films, Marco Beltrami brings a musical sensibility laced with bravado and doom to the newest X-Men film. “We set out to make sure the film had a unique intensity to it. By staying away from traditionally smooth orchestrated sounds, we get this intensity that doesn’t need to be tamed all the time, it could be a little wild,” said Beltrami.
Marco Beltrami is an award winning composer who built his reputation as a genre innovator with non-traditional horror scores for the Scream franchise and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Beltrami’s musical palette has since expanded to virtually all film genres. He has received two Oscar nominations for Best Original Score, for Hurt Locker and 3:10 to Yuma. He has received two Critic’s Choice Award nominations, and he was Emmy nominated for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series for The Practice. Last year, he won the Golden Satellite Award for Best Score from The International Press Academy for Soul Surfer. Beltrami is currently scoring the highly anticipated remake of the horror classic Carrie, in theaters this October, as well as Snowpiercer, in theaters later this year.
The Wolverine Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track listing
1. A Walk in the Woods
2. Threnody for Nagasaki
3. Euthanasia
4. Logan’s Run
5. The Offer
6. Arriving at the Temple
7. Funeral Fight
8. Two Handed
9. Bullet Train
10. The Snare
11. Abduction
12. Trusting
13. Ninja Quiet
14. Kantana Surgery
15. The Wolverine
16. The Hidden Fortress
17. Silver Samurai
18. Sword of Vengence
19. Dreams
20. Goodbye Mariko
21. Where to?
22. Whole Step Haiku