New Graphic Novel Will Introduce Spider-Man’s Sister

Marvel will begin unrolling brand new original graphic novels for their characters later this year and one of the first to get published is the just announced Spider-Man: Family Business (via USA Today). Written by comic legends Mark Waid and James Robinson, with art by Gabriele Dell’otto, the story will introduce Peter Parker’s “long lost sister” Teresa Parker.

“It seems very bizarre to him that Aunt May never mentioned anything about this woman, who’s about his age and the resemblance is there,” Waid said. “Peter wants to try to figure out what this mystery is all about but basically they’re running from a crime syndicate out to kill them both throughout the novel, so there’s not a whole lot of time for Spider-Man to sit and relax and slowly suss this out.”

The plot of the comic will see Spider-Man traveling across the globe as the Kingpin has finally decided to take his criminal empire worldwide. “Family Business” is said to reveal more about Peter’s family life, from his parents’ death to his life growing up an orphan with Uncle Ben and Auny May and especially his newfound sibling.

Check out the trailer and art for the comic below. Spider-Man: Family Business will be released in spring 2014.