China-Only Scenes for Iron Man 3 Revealed

Warning: Potential spoilers for Iron Man 3

To begin with, before the film’s proper opening, a question appears on the screen asking “What does Iron Man rely on to revitalize his energy?” It dissolves and the answer, “Gu Li Duo,” is revealed. This name will not ring a bell to Iron Man aficionados unless you also happen to be familiar with popular drinks in China. Yes, a commercial for a milk-based drink appears at the header of Iron Man 3 in China.

The rest of the additional footage in the country ammounts to four minutes, prominently featuring Chinese actor Wang Xueqi as Dr. Wu. One sequence of the Doctor depicts him having a phone conversation in his Beijing office. During the all-Chinese conversation, Iron Man can be seen on a television playing with children at one of China’s landmarks. Dr. Wu doesn’t appear again in the Chinese cut until the ending of the film where he is shown operating on Stark and having a conversation with his unnamed assistant played by Chinese star Fan Bingbing. That’s it. Not even worthy to be put on the special features of the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray.