New Scribblenauts Game Reportedly Features DC Superheroes

For those unfamiliar, the Scribblenauts games allow players to “write” any object into existence in the game in order to solve puzzles. IGN‘s source has informed them of potential levels for the game including: “A linear level beginning in the sewers beneath Wayne Manor where a hungry Killer Croc won’t let Max proceed. When a hamburger isn’t enough, a dynamite sandwich sends Croc into a rage leading to his arrest. Robin keeps the situation under control, allowing Max to make his way inside Wayne Manor (where Batman has been manipulated by The Joker) before discovering Batgirl’s capture in the Batcave. In another situation, Max encounters two police officers, and must decipher which one is legit and which is actually Clayface. An X-ray exposes the villain, and when handcuffs fail to stop the sludge-monster, a freeze-gun does the trick.”

Other DC characters said to be in the game include Aquaman, Black Manta, Harley Quinn, and Mr. Freeze. 

The game remains a rumor at this point, albeit a very likely one. What do you think of a DC Scribblenauts game? Sound off below!