Comics: Marvel Announces New Robot Avengers Series

Marvel is currently publishing their latest event series titled “Age of Ultron” and though the series will wrap up in May, it will continue to influence the Marvel Universe. Spinning out of that title is a new ongoing series with a mostly robot roster called Avengers A.I. (via USA Today). Uncanny X-Force writer Sam Humphries will write the new series and artist Andre Lima Araujo (X-Treme X-Men, FF) will provide pencils. 

“It’s a Pandora’s Box situation – once you fire that bullet out of the gun, you can never put it back,” Humphries says. “The Marvel Universe within the blink of an eye is being colonized by A.I.s who may or may not have positive feelings about the way humanity has been treating them for the past 100 years. The brave new world of A.I. contains some hostile elements, but it is not a monolithic, anti-human threat. It is a thriving society with many divergent points of view — some who very much wish to live in peace with humanity. It is not a black-and-white situation.”

Described as having elements of TRON, The Terminator and “Homeland,” the series is said be about “the future coming too far and technology evolving faster, and the philosophical conundrum about man vs. machine.”

The roster for the team will include The Vision, Ultron’s son Victor Mancha, one of Doctor Doom’s Doombots, Ultron’s creator Hank Pym, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Monica Chang (making her Earth-616 debut), and a new robot character called Alexis.

The new series will launch in July, will you be picking it up?