Jean-Claude Van Damme Wants to be in The Avengers 2

At this point, we don’t know anything about the sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers. We know that Joss Whedon has completed an outline for the film and should be done with the script very soon, but that’s really it. No casting has been officially announced, but one would imagine that for the sequel, the roster of The Avengers will expand. What heroes could join and who will portray them remains to be seen, but some people are already trying to get in on it.

On his official Facebook page, actor Jean-Claude Van Damme was reminiscing about having met Stan Lee in the ’90s and claims he’s heard Thor himself Chris Hemsworth wants Van Damme to join them in the sequel (we’re not sure where he heard that). While Van Damme says he’s a big fan of the Silver Surfer (who is owned by 20th Century Fox, sorry Jean-Claude), he doesn’t say who he’d want to play in the sequel.

As unlikely as this is, would you want to see Van Damme in The Avengers 2? If so, who should he play? Sound off below!

The Avengers 2 is set for release on May 1, 2015.

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