Spielberg Hopes Next Tintin Film is Out Christmas 2015

“Peter Jackson is directing the next one, I’m producing. We have a script and we’re going to start performance capture probably at the end of this year.
“Don’t hold me to it, but we’re hoping the film will come out around Christmas-time in 2015. We know which books we’re making, we can’t share that now but we’re combining two books which were always intended to be combined by Herge.” 
Though Spielberg wouldn’t say which books they’ve chosen to adapt for the film, it has long been rumored that the two-part “Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun” would be the focus of the sequel. Peter Jackson has said previously that he’d like to do the “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon” books as the third or fourth film in the series.
The first film, 2011’s The Adventures of Tintin, grossed over $370 million worldwide.