Guardians of the Galaxy Will Take Place in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

As casting rumors continue to pile up for Guardians of the Galaxy one person you can trust about the film is its director James Gunn. Gunn has been active on the “question and answer” website Formspring (via Daily Blam!) for a long time and he recently said a few things about the film.

Though nothing too specific, Gunn did reveal that much of the film’s casting will be based out of England where production is located but the biggest tease he gave up was the film’s setting: a different galaxy. Gunn confirmed the events of “Guardians” will not take place in the Milky Way galaxy where our solar system is located but that its story is very much rooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if you thought we might get to see Rocket Raccoon blasting martians from Mars, sorry.

Gunn says he won’t be sharing much more about the film now as he wants to maintain some secrecy for the time being. He also wants you to make sure you don’t believe every casting rumor or dispute you hear.

“We have lots of surprises in store for you guys, but we can’t let them out for a while. That said, don’t believe everything your read! I am shrouding myself in secrecy for the time being so your enjoyment of GotG will be fully realized as we release the details little by little. TRUST ME.”
So far the only cast member officially announced for the film is “Parks and Recreation” actor Chris Pratt, who has been cast as the film’s lead, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. Guardians of the Galaxy‘s roster is also said to include Drax the Destroyer, Groot, Rocket Racoon and Gamora. Check back for casting and other details on the film as they emerge.