Comics: All Female X-Men Team Coming

Teased last week by USA Today, it’s now been officially confirmed that an all female X-Men comic is coming and it will, ironically, be called X-Men.

“I’m definitely an X-Men fan, but I’m not deep into the world,” said writer Brian Wood to USA Today“I’m not a writer who’s been writing it forever, so my natural instinct is to go basic and simple and to its core. Marvel takes a look at its spectrum of X-Men books and fills needs. This is the book that is like a traditional X-Men book.”
“I feel like as far as the X-Men go, the women are the X-Men. Cyclops and Wolverine are big names, but taken as a whole, the women kind of rule the franchise. If you look at the entire world as a whole, it’s the females that really dominate and are the most interesting and cool to look at. When you have a great artist drawing them, they look so amazing and always have.”
Debuting in April with Olivier Coipel serving as the artist, the roster for the team will consist of Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Psylocke and will focus on Jubilee. You can take a look at the cover for the first issue below. Will you be picking up the new series?