Comics: Is Spider-Man Getting Fired From The Avengers?

Unless you’re not caught up on what’s happened with Spider-Man over at Marvel Comics, we suggest you skip this article, but how could you have avoided it?

As we last reported, Peter Parker and Doctor Otto Octavius had ‘swapped bodies’ as the mind of Doc Ock was now in Peter’s body and Peter trapped inside Octavius’ dying body. Parker died in Octavius’s body and Octavius, the ‘new’ Spider-Man, vowed to become “The Superior Spider-Man” (setting the stage for the new series out this week). Now it seems it won’t be long before his secret is discovered.

Marvel posted the below teaser image that bears the implcation that Spider-Man will be losing his Avengers membership. Could it be that they’ve discovered his secret? Sound off below with your theories!