Comics: Hurricane-Themed Issue of Hawkeye Coming, Writer Donates all Profits

We really like Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye series over at Marvel, and now you have no reason to either.

“We’re doing kind of a Hurricane Sandy issue,” Fraction announced via MTV. ‘We’re blowing up our schedule and squeezing Hawkeye #7 out in record time to do a story of the two Hawkeyes, Clint Barton and his young protege. One half is going to take place in Brooklyn and the other half is going to take place in Jersey. It’s sort of the story about people surviving, overcoming this catastophe. I don’t think you need costumes and fisticuffs and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments to tell that story.

It’s going to be written by me, half is drawn by Steve Lieber and the other half is drawn by Jesse Hamm. And I’m going to donate my royalties, incentives, whatever sales bonuses I get I’m going to donate.”

Fraction clarified on twitter that he will donate his proceeds to the Red Cross.

The issue hits shelves January 16, 2013. You can watch his video and see the cover to the issue below.