Comics: Asgardian Warrior Sif Takes the Lead in Journey Into Mystery

One of the comics that falls under Marvel NOW! that might confuse some people is Journey Into Mystery. What might keep people from picking it up? It’s one of the few not starting over with a new #1, it’s on issue #646. Just because the comic is sticking to its numbers doesn’t mean it’s not offering a jumping on point for new readers, however.

USA Today interviewed writer Kathryn Immonen about the series and its new focus on the Asgardian god Sif.

“Sif’s got her origin story, but beyond that she’s really kind of a blank slate aside from the broad strokes of her personality,” Immonen said. “It’s thrilling that the real estate has been put aside to develop her character in a way that hasn’t really been done before.”

The first arc will see Sif jumping around from Midgard (Earth) and Asgard. “We have plumbed the insane monster depths of the Marvel Universe and, in the process, have also created a sorceress whom we are all crazy about, as well as three Berserker warriors who are having trouble adjusting to the status quo,” Immonen said. “I’ll be sad to see the back of them.”

Journey Intor Mystery #646 is available today.