Will The Dark Knight Rises Get the Big Oscar Nominations?

“‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Oscar question is an interesting one, especially when we get into the Best Picture territory, since many people felt that ‘The Dark Knight’ should have gotten in and may have been snubbed merely by the limitation to five Best Picture nominations that year.
“Four years later, we have a sliding scale of nominations, but we also have a movie that’s not nearly as strong as ‘Dark Knight’ and many wonder whether the Academy will just do the same as they did for Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and give Nolan everything this time. 
“The question is whether the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is really one that has had that same kind of support among Academy members up until this movie and the answer is ‘no.’ Neither ‘Batman Begins’ nor ‘The Dark Knight’ received Best Picture nominations and while the various branches agree that the films are technically proficient enough for awards, overall, they’re still seen as comic book/superhero movies. Since ‘TDKR’ is closer to ‘Batman Begins’ than ‘The Dark Knight’ (which was very much a ‘Heat’-like crime story), we’re probably going to see another Best Picture snub, and probably only technical awards.
Obviously, enough Oscar voters liked Heath Ledger’s performance to give him a posthumous Oscar as well as awarding it tech awards, but the directors won’t give Nolan a nomination for anything, and if they wouldn’t do it for ‘Inception,’ a far superior movie, I can’t see them doing so for ‘TDKR’ either.
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