Comics: Brian Michael Bendis Talks About Marvel NOW!

Among the topics covered are the print vs. digital comics debate, how Marvel NOW! is designed for new readers, and which one is Bendis’ favorite.

“It’s just this perfect place for people that love The Avengers movie or are just digging what is going on in the animation side and are like ‘Where do I start?’, you start right here.” said Bendis about Marvel NOW! “It’s a very clean start point on any of the books. Almost every book has a brand new creative team that has never been on that book for. Like myself and Stuart Immonen are taking over X-Men and we’ve never done it before. It’s our original new take. Every single book though it’s happening to over the next few months, Thor, Iron Man, Cap, The Avengers. Everything is going to have a brand new number one with a brand new starting point that just lets you know if you come in here you will have missed nothing but if you’ve been following us the whole time everything you know will be served.”

When asked which comics of the ‘new number ones’ were the ones he thought everyone should check out, he said: “The one that I’m the most charmed by for numerous reasons is Matt Fraction and Matt Bagley on Fantastic Four. Number one because Mark and Matt are two very good friends of mine who have never worked together before and I knew they’d be awesome together. So it’s lovely to see. On the other hand, Matt Fraction has been living the life of Reed Richards now for years. He has a powerful young son, a brilliant little girl, and an amazing intelligent wife and they’ve just been on adventures together. So for him to write the cosmic Marvel version of that in the Fantastic Four after having been living that for yaers is just the perfect writer for the perfect book. They’re literally in a space RV that any father would want to take their kids on.”

You can watch the entire interview below and be sure to check out Bendis’ All New X-Men comic and our review next week.