NYCC: Garth Ennis is Bringing Crossed to the Big Screen

Announced at the New York Comic Con by Avatar Press Publisher William Christensen, Ennis will be writing an directing a series of Crossed ‘Webisodes’ which will be followed by a feature film adaptation of the comic series. They’re planning on starting filming next spring with a release later in the year. Ennis said that the webisodes will serves as “little vignettes” into the world of Crossed.

The series is described as follows: In the blink of an eye, humanity is lost, and the Crossed are upon us. Men, women, and children alike fall victim to the mystery infection that makes killers out of parents and rapists out of lovers. Ruthless, berserk, and evil beyond measure, these cackling demons spread their plague across the Earth, brining humanity to near-extinction. Now, a small band of survivors make their cautious way across a deserted America, existing in a state of constant terror. The only thing they have in common is their determination to survive… but in this frightening new world, survival has a cost all its own. How far will they go to stay alive, and can they do so without become monsters themselves?

Are you excited to see Ennis’ story become a film?