NYCC: Hasbro’s New Iron Man 3 Toys

The 2012 New York Comic Con begins tomorrow, Thursday October 11, and toymaker Hasbro kicked things off early with a special pre-con party to show-off their line-up for the rest of 2012 and 2013.  

Their big toyline for next year will be the one based around Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 and they brought a handful of the toys that will be featured including a very cool 12″ electronic Iron Man toy showing off his new gold armor. It lights up and has sound FX, but what’s cool is when the toy is held horizontally, the head tilts forward slightly, just like it would when he’s flying. 

They also brought a half dozen Iron Man 3 Bonkazonks, Hasbro’s recently launched stunt-battling game, which features a number of figures of the new armor and Tony Stark, but the one that interested us the most was the one hidden at the back that we couldn’t get a clear shot of. It looked like it could either be the Titanium Man or a Guardsman since he was sort of green. Check it out and see if you can tell who that is.