Comics: Marvel Reveals The Superior Spider-Man

It’s was hinted last week that Marvel was preparing to relaunch The Amazing Spider-Man, and now USA Today confirms that the book is set to relaunch on December 26 as The Superior Spider-Man.

“I’ve always been the omniscient hand that’s been protecting Peter Parker and Spider-Man and not letting anything too bad happen to him,” writer Dan Slott tells the newspaper. “And now I’ve become this cruel god. There’s something exciting about that, about going, ‘Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha, here is what’s going to happen to you, Spider-Man!’ And it’s drastic and it’s big and it’s exciting and it’s never been done before.”

The specific plot of The Superior Spider-Man has yet to be revealed, though the article suggests a dark tone and new powers for Spidey. There’s even a tease that we might not be seeing Peter Parker behind the mask.

Slott will write with Ryan Stegman drawing the first three issues. Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli will rotate as artists from there on out.

Check out a preview of the new series below:

Superior Spider-Man Exclusive Sneak Peek