Graphic Novel Headache Coming to TV as Athena

Thigripping coming-of-age tale of an 18-year-old girl who  happens to be Athena. In Athena’s life, there’s no such thing as hyperbole. Her “evil” stepmother? Hera, who’s actually evil and out to kill her. The bad boy she falls in love with? Hades, king of the underworld. The philandering father whose approval she always seeks and fails to attain? Zeus the ultimate deadbeat dad. And now she must take on all of the gods in order to stop them from destroying mankind.

The site says the series will consist of storyline in which “each week she must maintain her secret identity while battling a slew of ancient monsters from Greek mythology and searching to uncover which of the other Greek gods is secretly plotting against her to take over the Earth.”

Joy will write the adaptation for the comic and executive produce the project with Peter Chernin and Kathrine Pope.