Comics: First Look at the Indestructible Hulk

The reception to our approach on “Daredevil” had a lot to do with how I’m coming at Hulk — assuming that everything we know about Hulk is still true, everything he’s been through — but, as we did with Daredevil, having Banner turn a corner and deciding to take a whole new, less “woe is me” view of his condition.
In 1962, Hulk was one of the most unique characters ever in comics because he viewed his powers as a curse, not a blessing. But that point of view is no longer unique — heck, that’s practically the emotional keynote of half the superhero books currently running. So Marvel gave their blessing to morph that attitude into something a little more heroic.
When asked about the adjective change from Incredible to Indestructible, Waid had his reasons.
There’s a very good reason we chose the word “Indestructible,” it’s actually a subtle story point. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that it ties in with Banner’s whole new attitude.
The series launches in November. Take a look at the cover for the first issue below.