Comics: First Look at the Indestructible Hulk

As they did last week, Marvel is rolling out extended previews of their new series this week and today’s happens to be Mark Waid and Leinil Yu’s Indestructible Hulk. CBR caught up with Waid to talk about the new series and he wants you to know that if you like his Daredevil run, just wait til you read Indestructible Hulk. He says:

The reception to our approach on “Daredevil” had a lot to do with how I’m coming at Hulk — assuming that everything we know about Hulk is still true, everything he’s been through — but, as we did with Daredevil, having Banner turn a corner and deciding to take a whole new, less “woe is me” view of his condition.
In 1962, Hulk was one of the most unique characters ever in comics because he viewed his powers as a curse, not a blessing. But that point of view is no longer unique — heck, that’s practically the emotional keynote of half the superhero books currently running. So Marvel gave their blessing to morph that attitude into something a little more heroic.
When asked about the adjective change from Incredible to Indestructible, Waid had his reasons.
There’s a very good reason we chose the word “Indestructible,” it’s actually a subtle story point. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that it ties in with Banner’s whole new attitude.
The series launches in November. Take a look at the cover for the first issue below.