Comics: See Captain America’s All New Look for Marvel NOW!

Marvel’s relaunch initiative Marvel NOW! is gearing up to start in October. Over the course of the following five months there will be a new series debuting each week for you to pick up and check out. Confirmed among those titles relaunching is of course one of their linchpins, Captain America. MTV Geek talked with Editor Tom Brevoort to discuss the redisgn of the character and he showed off some sketches of what they’re thinking of using.

The approach and the thought was very simple: we wanted to modernize Cap’s outfit so as to reflect the gear worn by actual soldiers, to convey that sense of the character visually. 

We weren’t really thinking about the movie incarnation per se, though it’s difficult to avoid it I suppose. But even there, Cap’s already had two completely different suits in the movies, in CAP: FIRST AVENGER and then in MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS. What we were really going for, more than anything, was the feeling of Cap being an actual soldier. At the outset, I did some research and collected a bunch of different photographs of modern military gear, helmets and what-have-you, and they all informed the design we eventually settled on.

No word yet on when this series will launch or who the creative team behind it will be.