Behind the Scenes of The Avengers’ Celebration Montage

The final moments of The Avengers went by so fast that it was hard to absorb all of the details that we saw. Logan, the company behind the creation of the ‘Celebration Montage,’ has now posted a statement about their work and some screen shots from the clip (pictures via CBM).

Logan collaborates with director Joss Whedon and Marvel to create the “Celebration Montage” for the film The Avengers. Logan was tasked with conceptualizing and shooting the elements that would comprise the montage sequence depicting a worldwide homage to The Avengers. Our take was to show reactions from around the world. Children with homemade Thor hammers, men getting the Tony Stark look at a barbershop in Mumbai, a rally in support of The Avengers in New York, people grieving at a candle light vigil to establish the breadth of the celebration. We are thrilled to have contributed to such a fantastic film.