Producers Talk Beware the Batman Cartoon

The producers for Beware the Batman, Glen Murakami and Mitch Watson, spoke with IGN about the series and how it will differ from other Batman cartoons and films.

One: it’s the first CGI Batman show which is a huge part of it. Two: we’re taking Batman far back into his roots of being a detective. At its core, the show is a procedural. Even though Batman has his gadgets and his gear and his cars, at his core, it’s about a guy looking at clues and figuring things out and putting the pieces together so that ultimately he can solve the crime with his brain as opposed to just with his fists. And the third biggest difference is that you’re not going to see any villains that have ever been shown before in any animated show. There’s no Joker, Penguin, or Riddler. It’s all new villains pulled from the DC universe who are either well known or not known at all. All of those things give the show a completely different feel than shows in the past.

How does the sound of no primary villains showing up in the cartoon sound to you?