Comic-Con: New Judge Dredd Comic Book Coming

When asked about how the series will be going at IDW and his personal take on it all, Swierczynski had a very detailed answer.

I’d like IDW’s Dredd to feel like a transgressive sci-fi black comedy police procedural — like ‘Law & Order,’ if, say, Jerry Orbach were a violent inflexible fascist,” Swierczynski told CBR News. “Someone who readers can’t help but root for, since he’s up against overwhelming odds in a city gone insane.

The possibilities are exciting as hell, especially when you factor in future tech. I’m finding inspiration in the lawless Dillinger days of the early 1930s, when emerging technology inspired both cops and bandits to elevate their games. When the bandits started using race cars for getaways, the cops responded with faster pursuit vehicles; shotguns were met with machine guns; organized criminal gangs were met with wiretapping and most-wanted lists. With ‘Dredd,’ I’m asking myself: what kind of games will cops (that is, judges) and robbers be playing 100 years in the future?
Check out a look at the cover to the first issue done by Whilce Portacio.