Comic-Con: Poster for Marvel Studios’ Item 47

Marvel Studios’ all new One-Shot Item 47 is gearing up to be the biggest and coolest of them all, much like its parent movie The Avengers. The short film will be on the Blu-ray/DVD for The Avengers when it is released on September 25.

There will be a secret screening of the short this Friday at Comic-Con and Marvel Studios will be giving out a poster below to all attendants. You can check it out below, thanks to EW. The short is described as follows:

Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford star as a down-on-their-luck couple who find one of the discarded alien guns from the finale to The Avengers — and proceed to make some incredibly bad decisions.
Two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Maximiliano Hernández, returning from Thor and The Avengers, and Lost’s Man in Black Titus Welliver, making his Marvel debut) are given the job of cleaning up the mess and stopping this modern Bonnie and Clyde (not coincidentally named Benny and Claire.)
Click the poster for a bigger version in the gallery!