Comic-Con: Cyborg 009 is Coming to America

The first superhero team created in Japan will be storming America’s shores this year at the San Diego Comic-Con, according to THR.

The series has been picked up by Archaia Publishing who will be teaming with original publisher Ishimori Publishing to bring the series to life in America. It’s described as follows:

Cyborg 009 follows a group of normal people of various backgrounds who are kidnapped by an evil organization named the Black Ghost, which experiments on them and turns them into cyborgs possessing extra-human abilities. Nine rebel against the institution and vow to bring it down.

The new comic will be written by F.J. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp with art by Marcus To. While the Archaia tries to bring the series to life in comic form, the original publishers are looking to take the series to the big screen.

“With the world in love with superheroes and superhero movies, the timing is perfect for a re-introduction of Ishinomori’s creations,” said DeSanto. “The book was created during the Cold War and its themes of teamwork and global co-operation still resonate in today’s culture and climate. The book was clearly ahead of its time.”