Dinosaurs vs. Aliens Reveals a Webseries Teaser Trailer

Announced last year, director Barry Sonnenfeld and writer Grant Morrison are working together on a science fiction project called Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, planned as both a graphic novel and as a feature film. Now, Yahoo! Movies has a revealed a teaser trailer for the motion comic version of the tale which you can check out in the player below along with three different interviews with Morrison and Sonnenfeld.

The story – which was also featured in a Free Comic Book Day special issue earlier this year – has aliens invading the Earth in prehistoric times, and features dinosaurs as the protagonists.

As you can see in the below interviews, the plan is to tell the story with different comic book and film versions, both scripted by Morrison. Sonnenfeld also reveals that Morrison has charted the storyline out for up to three different films and the project could potentially move forward as a trilogy. Details on when and how that might happen are still unclear, but check back for updates they become available.