Comics: Marvel’s This is War Revealed!

Earlier this week, we showed you the teasers for what we assumed was Marvel’s next big event This is War. Many speculated that it was all about the much-teased Ultron War, but it turns out we were all wrong. Take a look for yourself because it looks like it’s all about the Punisher and the Avengers.

Who knows what they’ve done to make him mad this time, but from those teasers he doesn’t seem happy.

No other details are known at this time, whether it’s a mini-series or part of the current Rucka/Checchetto series, but we do know it begins in October. More details will surface at The Amazing Spider-Man panel at this year’s SDCC. However, our guess is that Rucka/Checchetto are involved for two reasons: 1. The art of the Punisher here is in the style of Checchetto and 2. In this month’s Marvel Previews magazine, the teaser for Punisher #16 (out in September) has the line “Prepare for the War Zone.”

What do you think?